Roy Gagaza Lists the Benefits Associated With a Principal-Protected Investment

Roy Gagaza

September 6, 2021

Roy Gagaza Lists the Benefits Associated a Principal-Protected Investment

Roy Y. Gagaza Knows That Not All Investors Are Gamblers. This Is Where Principal Protected Investments Come In

Banks are not paying a lot of interest on cash in your accounts. As such, people are looking to make more money on the cash they have sitting around. However, not everyone wants to gamble their money and try their luck on the stock market or with other riskier types of investments. This is why Roy Gagaza, the CEO and Founder at Journey Wealth Management, LLC, wants to introduce you to principal-protected investments. Here is more information about this type of investment and why you may want to consider it.

Roy Gagaza Says the First Benefit Is a Guaranteed Return

One of the major benefits associated with a principal-protected investment is that it is as close to a guaranteed return as possible. The only other types of investments that are more solid are government bonds, but those do not have a high-interest rate associated with them. Basically, unless a company that is being invested in goes bankrupt, you are going to get your money back and then some. This is not always the case with investments, so this is a major benefit according to Roy Gagaza.

Roy Y. Gagaza Says the Second Benefit is Knowing Exactly How Much You Will Get

The second benefit associated with a principal-protected investment, according to Roy Gagaza, is that you will know exactly what you are getting when you invest. This is pretty rare for investments, as the amount you may get tends to vary. If you are looking to make a specific amount, this is a great way to ensure what you are investing in that nets you the return you are after.

Roy Gagaza Says the Third Benefit Is Higher Interest Rates Than Banks Offer

The final benefit of a principal-protected investment, according to Roy Gagaza is that these types of investments typically have a higher rate of return compared to other secure investments. For example, you can usually earn more by investing in a principal-protected investment compared to a government savings bond, bank savings account or a bank CD. This helps you to make the most of the money you have to invest.

Roy Gagaza is committed to helping people make their financial dreams come true. A key component to this is investing wisely. While no investment is 100 percent foolproof, principal-protected investments are one of the more secure investment options available. This can be a great option for someone who does not want to gamble, and who wants to make a reasonable return on their investment.

Roy Gagaza Says Principal-Protected Investments Can Be Ideal For Those Who Prefer Safer Investment Opportunities.

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