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Roy Gagaza served as an officer in the military for more than 20 years

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Roy Gagaza entered the industry after retiring from serving as an officer in the military for more than 20 years. Now, he assists clients in working toward their retirement dreams by developing well-thought-out financial strategies. Roy’s professional goal is to help others receive the financial resources they need and the sound guidance they deserve. He respects his clients’ wishes and genuinely cares about helping them pursue their goals, all while striving to build and maintain long-lasting relationships with them and their families. Throughout his career, Roy has worked closely with the highway patrol, local school districts, CPAs, and several Chambers of Commerce, as well as numerous individuals. His seminars continue to reach hundreds of pre-retirees and retirees in need of financial guidance to help preserve their assets, create retirement income strategies, and use tax-efficient strategies to potentially reduce their taxes. Roy graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business marketing from San Jose State University. He is a Financial Professional, CEP and RFC, and holds insurance licenses in Hawaii (458231), California (0L87925). Roy is married to Patricia. They have two daughters, Kyrie and Mackenzie, and one son, Grant. In his free time, he enjoys spending time in the water, playing golf, traveling, and reading.

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March 2, 2022

How to Assess Your Need for Long Term Care Insurance: Roy Gagaza Shares His Tips

LTC Insurance: Roy Gagaza Talks About How This Asset Can Protect Your Portfolio From the initial cost to the terms of the policy, long-term care insurance isn’t always a smart buy. Then again, for some, it could be the best possible addition to their portfolio. Roy Gagaza tells you more about how to assess your […]

Roy Gagaza Explains the Importance of Tax Planning for Businesses
September 6, 2021

Roy Gagaza Explains the Importance of Tax Planning for Businesses

Roy Y. Gagaza Wants All Businesses to Understand the Importance of Tax Planning and How It Can Help Them Running a small business comes with many inherent risks. Understanding these risks means that you have to be well aware of your finances and how taxes can affect your bottom line. Roy  Gagaza, the CEO and […]

Roy Gagaza Lists the Benefits Associated a Principal-Protected Investment
September 6, 2021

Roy Gagaza Lists the Benefits Associated With a Principal-Protected Investment

Roy Y. Gagaza Knows That Not All Investors Are Gamblers. This Is Where Principal Protected Investments Come In Banks are not paying a lot of interest on cash in your accounts. As such, people are looking to make more money on the cash they have sitting around. However, not everyone wants to gamble their money […]

Roy Gagaza States What You Need to Know and Retirement Planning
September 6, 2021

Roy Gagaza States What You Need to Know About Inflation and Retirement Planning

Roy Gagaza Knows How Important It Is to Account For Inflation When Planning For Your Retirement When it comes to planning for your retirement, there are plenty of elements one must consider. Roy Gagaza, the CEO and Founder at Journey Wealth Management, LLC, understands that situations change, and you must prepare yourself for any eventuality. […]

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